Aftercare Protocol

Aftercare for lips

Lips are the hardest area to heal because there is no way to NOT use them.  With our lips we eat, talk, smile, yawn,

frown, etc therefore they are almost always moving.  We also feel very uncomfortable when they are dry. 

Unfortunately, during the healing process the lips become dry and scabbed and there is little that can be done to sooth

them.  I have found that using ointments on the lips during the beginning stages of the healing process only creates more crystals and crust as the skin pushes out water and lymph to “wash off” the ointment that is suffocating it.  It has been my observation that lips will heal faster and with less scabbing if they are simply left alone.  Keep the lip clean and remove crystal build up with cold water on a clean cotton swab. Cold water works best to break up the proteins. A drop of grapeseed oil can be applied to offer temporary relief and a bit of moisture.  Baby tooth ache anesthetics like oragel seem to provide some relief in the first few days.  As the scabs form and begin to slough off it is best to have them dry since introducing moisture can cause the scabs to become wet and gummy.  Anti-inflammatories (have your client check with her doctor) can be very helpful during the first few days.

My aftercare protocol

Days 1-3

Grapeseed oil with a few drops of numbing liquid (given at appointment).  Keep clean and dry. Lots of ice or

cold compress.  Optional (anti-inflammatory of choice, anti-histamine of choice)

As much ice and cold compresses as possible.

Days 3 on (after scabbing occurs)

After inked ointment (black label) or Aquaphor

NOTE: never give medical advice or recommend that your client take any medication either over the counter or

prescription without consulting their doctor.

Things to Avoid

Kissing/Oral Sex

Spicy Foods

Acidic foods (vinegar, lemon, tomato sauce)

Large foods (cut up small so you don't have to stretch your mouth much)

Drinking from glasses and bottles (use a new, clean straw)


Application of lipstick or other makeup on the lips

Application of vaseline, chapstick or other lip treatments

Picking or pulling at loose scabs ( if there are loose, falling scabs try a gentle, warm compress)

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